I am back from the Dead! Do not believe in YOLO loljk :)

Published July 21, 2012 by fogaciousserendipity

Hey guys! Sorry if I haven’t posted anything new currently 😦 i have been a little busy with school work and i haven’t find any time to find something to post about :(( really, really sorry. 

But since i’m stuck here in my room because of the freaking weather, i might as well blog about random things :)) 

It has been months I guess, since I’ve read a good book by choice, not by force (that’s directed to my teachers who force me to read about Roman Civilizations and Angle Pairs, lol). I last read “Son of Neptune” months ago, during summer vacaction and I really miss reading about stories. I haven’t had the time to even read fandiction stories ever since school started -__- And to make it worse, mom and dad won’t allow me to buy any more books :(( But they’ve bought me 2 books lately (which you will know more about later). 

Here are some titles of amazing books that I’ve either read or haven’t read yet:



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