Excerpt from Unspoken.

Published August 28, 2012 by fogaciousserendipity

I feel like you’re purposely avoiding me. Ugh. What did I do wrong now?

Your unpredictability is saddening me, to the very point that I think that I am indeed mistaken and that you never were even friends with me, for you in the first place.

You just don’t know that I do have feelings for you. I guess it shows, through the way my eyes light up when I see you, the way I feel my stomach flutter everytime I’m the reason behind your smile, the way that I still wake up everyday, in the hopes of seeing you.

I hope that you haven’t found out the feelings I have been hiding from you. I fervently wish that you wouldn’t get a hint, because I’m scared that if you knew, everything between us will change. I’m afraid of your reaction. What if you avoid me, like the way you have been doing till now? What if you never talk to me again? And everything we used to have with each other will be replaced by an infinite awkwardness?

I know that it’s sad. That no matter what happens, I’ll never admit to you that I do love and care about you. Because I know once I’ll tell you, there’s no turning back. It will totally change everything between us. So I won’t tell.

Even if it means that will never be together, and we’ll just stay friends, I’ll give up being with you. At least of we’re friends, you won’t feel any trace of awkwardness towards me and we could still talk, dance, joke, hug or whatever.

But it’s too late. You already know. Now everything will change. Nothing will be the same between us ever again.

P.S. More details on what Unspoken is on my upcoming posts.


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